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As a flagship store for creativity, Boutique Bozart is the reference center for artistic supplies. With unique expertise acquired over 16 years of experience, this family business aims to support its customers through their various projects while encouraging them to give free rein to their imagination.  Bozart advocates originality, audacity and resourcefulness; because every day requires a touch of magic to reveal its most beautiful colors. 

Mireille Desroches, is first and foremost, a passionate artist...

Born in Canada, Mireille moved to Switzerland in 1995 to work as a nurse at the CHUV.


Considered to be an artist from a very young age, she gave painting lessons to her colleague's children upon their request. It was after her third child that she decided to leave the hospital world in order to devote herself to her passion.


In 2004, she opened a workshop and an artist's supply store in Gland.  She quickly became known for her teaching ability and artistic skills amongst renowned individuals, such as the Schumacher formula one pilot family, for whom she has provided courses and completed over 28 works of art. 

Today, Mireille is active on many levels.  In addition to giving painting classes to more than  65 children and adults, she manages the supply shop, which is integrated into her studio, as well as orders from her Boutique-Bozart online store.

Meanwhile, Mireille, the artist, also continues to create new pieces of art.

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